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About us

In the shortest time we match the demand with the offer.

Our company

We are an independent brokerage company from Romania FMCG-Fast Moving Consumer Goods. Our main job is to manage the transaction between the seller and the buyer, representing one of them in their business relations.
Romanian FMCG market is growing from one year to another. Modern Trade is also growing very fast. We began our activity in 2012, with the wish of offering competitive services to those partners who want to develop their business on this market, but with small costs.
We know that in retail market, the final price of the product is an important criterion for the product’s success, and the margins of the producers and importers are very small; in other words, the “route-to-market” must be loaded with the smallest costs.
Every producer is struggling to decrease his production price, because of his competitors, and we think that here is our main quality that we bring on this market: finding the best price.

Why should you choose us?


15 years of experience

We have more than 15 years' of experience in FMCG market in Romania, both in sales and logistics.


The prices on the shelves

The prices of the products must reflect their quality, and just that.



The logistic chain involves a lot of expenses and we can help you to keep them in reasonable margins.


Sales department

The Sales Department of a producer or an importer involves a lot of expenses, but we can succeed in doing this job for you.

In the shortest time we match the demand with the offer. Our services bring benefits both to producer and to retailer. Contact Us