Smaller costs

If you are at the beginning of your businees in Romania, and you don't want to invest money in your own sales department, you can ask a broker to do that job with smaller costs. You will obtain the route-to-market with small resources. img

Save time

Your products will be on the shelves in the shortest time. Do you want to enter now to the Romanian market and you don't know who the best clients for your products are? We know the best sales channels for your product category. img

Are you a retailer?

We manage several brands on Romanian market; Meeting with us can be very efficient because we can analyze more business options for you. img

Our services

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    We are representing the producer in his business relations with the retailers

    We help your product to become visible in the crowd.

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    Consulting about Romanian market

    Do you wish to obtain specific informations: who your competitors are? What price structure should you approach?

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    A large offer

    In relationship with a retailer

Why choose us

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    You will have the transaction at the best prices

    We’ll do our best for you to have the transaction at the best prices.

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    The informations from the Romanian FMCG market

    You will have a lot of specific and precisely information about the market, gathered from our partners.

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    The producer

    New clients will be approach with the minimum resources.

Our priorities

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    The prices of your products on the retailers’ shelves

    We know that the prices of the products must reflect their quality, and not be “charged” by other useless costs.

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    Your resources

    We believe in long-term partnerships and we are aware that just a pleased client will continue to do business with us.

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    You product visibility

    What the chances for a product to sell are, if he's "invisible" on the shelves?

In the shortest time we match the demand with the offer. Our services bring benefits both to producer and to retailer. Contact Us